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Wine Cellar Climate Control

Wine Cellar Climate Control

Having a wine cellar comes with the need of keeping it chilled at just the right temperature. The good news is that this is a service that our pros here at Servcon can provide you with. Since 2000, our heating & air conditioning contractors have been providing local residential clients with the best quality workmanship, for all the services that we provide.

To us, it is an honor to be able to provide our customers with such a diverse variety of services, including wine cellar climate control. Settle for shoddy service or inferior products, and it is your personal wine collection that will suffer the consequences. The last thing that you want is to end up sacrificing even a single bottle from your prized collection.

Aging wine requires the perfect balance of temperature and humidity. The system that we can set up for you will provide you with this and be an integral part of safeguarding your collection. Let us meet with you in order to provide you with the information you need to customize your wine cellar climate control system.

Superior Wine Cellar Climate Control Service

More than likely, if you already have a wine cellar, or are planning one, you are aware of the importance of having a climate control system in place. However, here are some things that you should be aware of:

  • Controlling the temperature and humidity is essential for maintaining the integrity of the wine. However, what many people do not realize is that it is all about the cork. If the cork is allowed to dry out, this means the seal gets broken. Once air is allowed to get into the bottle, this will prematurely age the wine.
  • Once the cork dries out, this also means it will begin to crumble. Broken cork in the wine ruins it complete. Plastic, metal or glass closures are not impacted by humidity, however it is still a good idea to address the need for humidity control.
  • The bottom line is that climate control is all about helping your wines reach the optimal age for consumption. So, our job is to help make this possible by providing you with the climate control that you need.

Local Wine Cellar Climate Control Service Experts

If you are ready to get started with installing a wine cellar climate control system, you can count on us. We take great pride in our ability to help our customers get a vital system in place to protect your valuable collection. Don’t take chances, when it comes to the work that goes into devising the climate control that will safeguard your wines.

If you are looking for wine cellar climate control services, then please call 203-975-9106 or complete our online request form.