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Professional Furnace Replacement Services

furnace repairs

When you find yourself in need of furnace replacement, you want to be sure that you have a true industry heating expert to work with. Many homeowners are leery of being told they need replacement, they wonder if they could get away with repairs. By making the smart choice to partner with Servcon, you can feel confident about the diagnosis we provide.

While some companies might steer you in the wrong direction, just to make a few more dollars on a job, that's not how we do business. We genuinely care about our clients and meeting their specific needs. We will always provide more cost-effective repairs over replacement, unless otherwise requested by the customer.

In some cases, however, repairs are not the more economically savvy way to go. It is important to handle each situation on a case by case manner. However, if we tell you that the time for furnace replacement has come, you can feel certain that this is an accurate and honest assessment.

Best in Professional Furnace Replacement

So how can you determine if you really need replacement or if repairs would suffice? A few guidelines that you can use include:

  • Consider the cost of the repairs versus the value of the furnace. If the repair costs are 50% or more than the value of the furnace, replacement would be a more sensible option.
  • Also take into consideration the age of the furnace. A well taken care of furnace can last for an average of 15 years, up to 20 if you are lucky. If your furnace is not close to that life expectancy, you should be able to get away with just repairs.
  • If you have already been thinking about making the transition to a more green and energy efficient furnace, this would be the perfect opportunity to do so. This is a decision that you and your heating specialist can discuss and make together.

The bottom line is that if you work with a reputable and dependable industry expert, you will never have to worry about being misled. Let us provide you with that kind of honest feedback and quality service, so that you never have to worry.

Furnace Replacement Service Pros at Your Service

If you are having any issues with the performance of your furnace, the sooner you call us the better. If we can get to it early enough, we may be able to take care of the problem with repairs. However, if Servcon says that you need furnace replacement, you can feel confident that it is true.

If you are looking for furnace repairs or similar services, then please call our heating contractors at 203-975-9106 or complete our online request form.