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Professional Energy Savings Services

energy savings

Here at Servcon, we are committed to more than just great workmanship and customer service. We are also dedicated to helping homeowners make their dwellings more energy efficient. There are two vital reasons for this – saving money as well as the environment.

When your home is more energy efficient, it means that your heating and cooling system uses less energy to function. This results in lower utility bills each month, as well as makes less of a direct negative impact on the planet. The bottom line is that this is a win-win situation and our heating & air conditioning contractors want to be a part of making energy savings an obtainable possibility for every local residential client.

additional return air runs

Additional Return Air Runs

Many people simply live with a system that doesn't work as well as it should and that is in need of additional return air runs. This is often the result of a poorly planned system or a system that was designed with just the heating system in mind. The good news though, is that you do not have to live with this.

We can help improve your system so that you have better and more useful airflow. This will help your heating and cooling to function better, but will also make your system more energy efficient. The end result will be lower energy costs and a more Eco-friendly household.

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attic ventilator

Attic Ventilator

The attic is another aspect of the home that is usually poorly planned. Heat and moisture often end up trapped in this space, but it is about more than just not wanting stagnant air in your home. This trapped moist and hot air can lead to problems such as higher utility bills, but also mildew, mold or even rot.

We can design a better way for your attic to be able to have ventilation, reducing the likelihood of this happening. This will lower your energy bills, as well as protect the integrity of your attic and roofing system. Even if you are not sure if your attic ventilation is sufficient enough, give us a call so we can provide you with a professional analysis.

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digital setback thermostat

Digital Setback Thermostat

Servcon is proud to be the local leading service provider for digital setback thermostats, too. Programmable thermostats are the ideal way to keep a consistent and comfortable temperature in your home, while also lowering heating and cooling costs.

This type of system is quickly becoming the new norm and it is important for you and your household to make the transition. We would be more than happy to assist you with any or all of these energy saving techniques and devices.

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If you are looking for energy savings services, then please call 203-975-9106 or complete our online request form.